CollegesGPS Advisory Services

Searches for colleges from different perspectives: curriculum, campus environment, admission criteria, and affordability. All colleges are different in what, whom, where, and how they teach. Specifically, each college is a unique combination of programs and majors, student characteristics and demographics, location, and methods of instruction. Reducing the search process to a single factor, rankings for example, may not address other critical considerations to support a successful college experience.

Provides students and families with tools to guide decisions necessary in college and beyond. Preparing for college is a growth process.

Demystifies the application process. Applications reflect the student’s sustained interests, time management, initiative, and impact in both academics and extracurricular activities.

Continuously updates easy-to-read summaries of student progress, critical dates, and action items relevant to applications. Application work begins in the summer before the senior year.

Assists with essay topics and writing organization.

Meets remotely with students during the pandemic on Zoom or Skype. Asynchronous contacts through email or texts will allow work progress as the student’s time demands permit. In-house printed Guides provide vetted information, tips, instructions, and links to access routine activities supporting the college application process. This allows CollegesGPS to focus on the unique aspects of a student’s situation.

Collaborates as needed with a college faculty member who is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. This team approach draws on Kim Glenchur’s family background of over a century in the US and her colleague’s direct experiences in Asia.

Can collaborate with a student’s athletics coach or arts instructor on college selection and applications. Students in athletics and the arts have performance requirements as early as the junior year for recruiting, auditions, and portfolio presentations.

Prefers to begin advising students at least by the second semester of their sophomore year to set up the junior year. Eleventh grade is the last full year on an applicant’s transcript.

Does not accept high school student clients beginning college preparations in their senior year.

Advisory package includes:

  • Informational printed guides (domestic students only)
  • List of career possibilities with earnings statistics
  • Curriculum planning
  • Advising on school performance
  • Suggestions for extracurricular activities during the school year and summer
  • Standardized testing schedule
  • Suggestions for campus visits
  • College application list with comparative statistics and links to ease navigation to college websites
  • Interview advice
  • Assistance with application forms
  • Tracking application progress

Payment plans available.

After the first meeting to review expectations and determine pricing, an Agreement is signed by CollegesGPS and a party responsible for payment. Receipt of payment initiates services.



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