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Ms. Kim Glenchur @collegesGPS is a top notch college counselor who has guided our son since his high school junior years thru his college applications of this year. She played a critical role in our son’s acceptance by some finest colleges in this country with multiple and significant amount of scholarship offers.

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Her comprehensive College GPS program offers a clear, straight forward, and minutely tailored to each individual’s unique situation solution in emphasis of the student’s overall GPA, school activity, personality, personal interest and preference, as well as the future job market perspectives to coach the student, and the parents, step by step through the entire college application process and beyond.

As parents, we have deeply realized, after working with Kim, that the best college for our son is a school that best fits him for his grow and thriving in the next 4 years of his college life. Kim’s broad knowledge in college application counseling and higher education in general opened our eyes and mind to see the true value and benefit of the national liberal art colleges to our son, rather than just chasing after the big names. Our son was not qualified for any financial aid program due to the circumstances and we were prepared for the sticker shock, nevertheless, one of the prestige liberal art colleges made him a quick offer with large amount of merit scholarship which we could hardly refuse. This college application turns out to be so ideal and perfect that is definitely qualified for a win-win situation for both our son and his parents.

We are so happy to see our son has Kim as his mentor in life. We are so happy for the experience we had with Kim and her CollegesGPS. We are so very much grateful and appreciated that we had Kim with us in time for our son when he mostly needed help. Based on our experience as parents to parents, we sincerely recommend Kim and her CollegesGPS  to you and to your kids who are in need for college application guidance and help.


Kim Glenchur proved herself to be a tremendous asset when crafting my college application. From essays to college choices to interview tips, Kim offers a comprehensive program to streamline the college application process. For essays she offers sharp but fair critiques of your writing and guides you from the beginning to end. In addition, Kim gives excellent college recommendations based on what she observes and learns about you and truly caters to the individual. My grades were not best out there, but with the help of Kim, I was able to be admitted into some of the finest institutions in this country. I can confidently say that but for Kim’s help, I would not have learned about and been able to get into half as many college as I ultimately did.

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Looking back after our daughter being admitted to her favorite college, we are so glad that we have chosen Kim Glenchur to guide us through the college application process. Three years ago, we were so intimidated by the process. Not only has Kim helped us understand what it takes to get in a college, most importantly, she provided us insights about the difference among colleges and how to find the best one for our daughter.

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Without Kim, it would have been like traveling in Amazon the first time without a tour guide.

I heard from friends about other college councilors who focus on helping students checking boxes. In contrast, Kim helped our daughter identify her strength and passion, and advised her to focus her efforts on what she can do well. The best thing resulted from the college application process is not just the admission letter, is our daughter getting prepared for success in college and life journey.

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The experience that my daughter had in working with Kim on her college planning and application process was very positive.  The whole process can seem intimidating and overwhelming to a teenager.  Kim helped break it down into manageable steps and timelines to ensure there was adequate time to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

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She also helped my daughter in the year leading up to the application process in considering career opportunities and learning about numerous colleges she would not otherwise have even considered.   She advised my daughter on her curriculum and activities in the year leading up to her application to provide her more opportunities to be successful.

In the end, I felt that my daughter was able to present the best version of herself in her applications and felt more confident in her choices than she would have otherwise been without the Kim’s assistance.   I truly believe the process lead to a more successful outcome in a highly competitive process for my daughter, to include a high number of college acceptance letters and significant scholarship awards to two of the colleges to which she applied.

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Mrs. Glenchur was undoubtedly instrumental in my undergraduate college applications. She offered huge assistance in every area from start to finish: helping me built a college list, guiding me in exploring college courses and majors, developing my essays, and proofing my applications.

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Her tips for college interviews were of great help, and the constant information and advice she offered was uniquely beneficial. Her suggested readings and provided resources allowed me to boost my writing and communication skills for my college essays and for writing tasks in the future as well. She was constantly available to assist regardless of the time or day, which truly was instrumental for me in completing my many applications while balancing my schoolwork and other extracurriculars. Thanks to the help I received from Mrs. Glenchur, I was admitted to several top universities, but have chosen to attend Stanford University as a computer science and economics student.


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Kim Glenchur is the most efficient, organized, and creative college advisor I’ve ever met. To me, she’s an education guru. She has effective methods of identifying one’s interests and motivations and probing what occupation would be the right one for an individual student. She probes until she can identify a viable educational path for a student.

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After her first day working with me, I was able to pin point a major that truly interested me. Because of her know-how, I didn’t apply to a college as a freshman with an “undeclared” major. Had I taken only

GE courses for (general educational) requirements, I would have been a few semesters behind when I finally declared my major. Deciding that my major was science first made it apparent that I had to take harder science classes than the science classes required for students completing GE requirements. Kim makes sure that a student doesn’t waste time taking courses that aren’t required coursework leading to a graduation goal.

Kim Glenchur is an apt education strategist that will help you with any question you have regarding what your college objectives should be, namely what’s the right major for you, what classes you should take, and when you should take them, quarter by quarter or semester by semester. She can define your objectives, and map out, unit by unit, what you have to do to achieve your goal to graduate and become a well-educated professional. She’s smart, nice, flexible, encouraging, but never patronizing

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I was admitted to many aerospace engineering schools located on campuses with music conservatories. Though having several AP and community college credits, I was almost universally advised that concurrent classes in music composition and engineering would be “difficult”.

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The winning combination was found near the nation’s capital, at the University of Maryland at College Park, an institution suggested by CollegesGPS. I could not only take courses usually reserved for music majors but also received major engineering scholarships and invitations to three different honors programs.

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I have always been a strong student. But I had no idea where my life was headed. I hadn’t thought too much about college. I hadn’t explored what campuses I would fit into, and I was pulling complete blanks on possible majors and careers.

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In my first meetings with Ms. Glenchur, we pooled together a list of my academic strengths and chose a major that appealed to all of them. After that, we compiled a list of hobbies and extracurriculars that I was interested in. She compiled for me a fantastic list of about 15 colleges, and based on location and campus life, we cut that list in half. She helped me through the application process as well. She explained to me how to approach each essay, the early admissions process, and how to best present myself as a good fit to all the schools I was applying to. I was admitted to my first choice, Columbia University, as an early admissions candidate. After my first year, I’m still very satisfied with my decision.

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Ms. Glenchur goes above and beyond in everything she does. From guiding me in 9th-grade summer camp applications all the way to college applications in 12th grade, she has always been kind in offering detailed information on each summer camp and college. It is clear she really cares for her students.

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Ms. Glenchur helped me find careers matching my personality type, and after I received my college results, she even helped me apply for scholarships. She is prompt in her email response times and is extremely well-versed in all things college related. In her feedback, Ms. Glenchur is straightforward, making it easy to identify and solve problems in future essay revisions. She greatly reduced the stress I felt in my college application process since her expertise was there to straighten out my application path. I would recommend Ms. Glenchur to anyone.


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We are so lucky to have found Mrs. Kim Glenchur as our daughter’s counselor. College applications are so complicated and have so many tedious steps. Mrs. Glenchur guided my daughter every step of the way, from college selections to final decisions. My daughter trusted Mrs. Glenchur and asked for advice whenever she needed it. Mrs. Glenchur always responded promptly.

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She not only helped her find the college that best fits her but also encouraged her to have faith in herself. After working hard under the guidance of Mrs. Glenchur, my daughter got admitted to numerous colleges, including three reach schools. Mrs. Glenchur even helped my daughter compare colleges and make her final decision. We really appreciate Mrs. Glenchur’s help!

quotes Electrical Engineering, College Applications

Ms. Kim Glenchur has not only helped me make the best college application strategies, but she also has helped me prepare myself for a smooth transition to college life. Pursuing college education in the US was a totally unfamiliar experience to me as a student from China. I didn’t know which college is the best fit for me, neither did I know which engineering major I wanted to study.

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Through emails, Ms. Glenchur explained to me precisely what the engineering majors are about, directed me to various resources on the internet, and finally narrowed down my search to electrical engineering and computer engineering. After considering my materials and interest, she prepared a list of colleges that would best fit me, with exhaustive statistics and ratings in many aspects such as ABET-accreditation, coop opportunities, and standardized testing requirements to assist me in making my best choice. Thanks to her evaluation on me, I was able to have a rational understanding of the range of schools that I would probably get into. The essays were a headache for me, but she accurately identified my strengths, guided me to reflect on past experiences, and together we found the best topic and style for my essays. They went through countless times of revision until we both felt they were in the best possible shape. She has been giving me advice on just about anything I can think of about college life and college application, such as on academics, travelling, and school life. Her advice on self-advocacy and communication with college officials has helped me gain confidence and has let the colleges know me better; Her advice on the preparation before interviews has helped me present the best of myself through the Initialview interview and other college alumni interviews. I also received advice from her on time management in college and methods of maintaining a positive attitude towards difficulties at school. After working with Ms. Glenchur, I have grown a lot in the ability to write, communicate, search for resources, and understand myself. A Chinese proverb goes as, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Throughout the time we’ve worked together, Ms. Glenchur has always been “teaching me to fish”; This fall I will be studying at Carnegie Mellon University, my dream school from the very start, and her influence on me will continue to help me in my college life and beyond.

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Why pay money for something you can do yourself? Because you need to have it done correctly. Rarely can you make a mistake that not only can be expensive, but can alter your child’s future. The college process is that situation. Kim Glenchur of CollegesGPS is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and most importantly, persistent.

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She will be the objective voice you need to keep pushing your child forward in what needs to be accomplished for testing, essays, and applications. My daughter chose to go to the college I attended, Penn State. Who in their right mind needs to hire someone to help make that decision? I did. My alma mater was the last place my daughter would have thought to attend when we started this process. After months of talks, research, and planning, it was only then that my daughter could make a reasoned choice and is thrilled with the result. Don’t think that by retaining Kim you can put all the responsibility on her. She is there to help you fulfill your responsibility, not avoid it. Working together, you will all see each other through.

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Although he was a high school honor student, my son’s standardized test scores were below the applicant pool of a University of California’s campus.

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Nonetheless, he was accepted to UC based, I think, on Kim Glenchur advising him to write a personal statement about his intellectual interests, his learning disability, and his efforts to overcome obstacles that might have kept him from going to and completing college. Now a college graduate, my son plans to enter a Masters degree program this fall.


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Thanks to Ms. Glenchur, through her detailed guidance every step of the way, my son was accepted to several great schools, all of which were a perfect fit for him. I approached the application process with a lot of trepidation. Two of my closest friends with sons the same age as mine always engaged in comparing their sons competitively — they both did Kumon and were reading very early.

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If I told one that my son Nick was taking piano lessons, her son was already playing jazz! I refused to participate. They always thought something was wrong with Nick when he could not read in Kindergarten. Now they are commiserating that their 2 boys are going out and drinking — they seemed to come unglued from all the pressure! Ms. Glenchur was very helpful in sorting out the priorities in making the final selection — One of my aforementioned friends just wanted her son to select the cheapest school (her husband makes tons of money), and the other was just relieved that her son has agreed to go to college at all — he wasn’t much interested in going — just wanted to travel with his water polo team. I feel good that Nick got to choose between some great schools, and is happy with his decision. He wears his new school logo everywhere with pride! I’m so thankful for her help!

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Ms. Kim Glenchur, the Educational Consultant from CollegesGPS, is by far the most influential and helpful advisor I have met. Having come from a competitive high school environment, I was led to believe that College life would be much the same. However, college is an entirely new atmosphere with so many new opportunities to both thrive and decline.

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The most defining and influential change during my meetings with Ms. Glenchur was my confidence boost in my own abilities and traits. Much like a huge “you are here” tag, Ms. Glenchur enabled me to get an understanding of my role in college and envision the future. CollegesGPS isn’t simply a recommendation, it is a must for students preparing to transition into the adult world.


quotes Aerospace Engineering, College Applications

I was fortunate enough to work with Mrs. Glenchur during my college application process. She was an invaluable resource and provided me with guidance with support every step of the way. From helping me build a college list to developing my essays, she was there to offer feedback and advice whenever I needed it. The greatest issue I faced in my college application experience was that I was always slow to respond to

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deadlines. However, Mrs. Glenchur taught me how to better manage my time, something that made the latter half of my application much smoother. She was always available to answer any questions and very focused on getting things down early. Her tips and workflow for writing essays were very constructive and made me feel confident in myself and my writing as I submitted each application. Thanks to the help I received from Mrs. Glenchur, I was able to find several schools that were a good fit for me. I highly recommend her services to anyone going through the college application process. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and truly cares about helping her students succeed.

quotes Accounting, Graduate School Applications

Ms. Glenchur offers huge assistance in polishing my application essays for graduate programs. She was patient in developing my essays and generously provided a lot of tips for my interviews which were of great help. I am convinced that she has a talent knowing how to effectively deliver the essential personal information to the admission committee and to impress the admission committee.

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The effectiveness is the most significant factor I am considering because poor-organized essays will destroy all the efforts you have worked on, including outstanding GPA and high test scores. She also taught me writing and communication skills which I believe will positively affect my coming graduate studies and network development. From these points, I am appreciating all the things she has done to forward my future career.


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