Setting Goals

Setting Goals

College Is Not a Black Box

From the student’s point-of-view, thinking two steps ahead can clarify how to do the next step better. The real question in high school should be about what one wants to do after postsecondary education. What do you want to do when you grow up?

A major difficulty before college is gaining exposure to what the world has to offer, particularly in interdisciplinary fields. Look for opportunities to explore your interests.

Not thinking this through can waste time and money. Without a strategy for progressing towards a desired postgraduate outcome, college students in their junior year may merely seek majors that enable them to graduate within two years. In contrast, some majors require high school preparation such as business, nursing, engineering, architecture, and computer science. CollegesGPS offers assistance to students in their early high school years to develop a proactive plan for attending college.

Regard college as an extended internship, with background information, personal networks, and hands-on experiences. Be open to educational opportunities that can lead to academic or personal growth. Make the most of the college’s resources available to you.

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